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Since repeated drug offenses can lead to more severe penalties over time, it is important to contest every drug charge as vigorously as possible. If you have been charged with the possession, sale, or distribution of controlled substances or drug paraphernalia, you face the possibility of lengthy incarceration, probation, heavy fines, and the loss of property and assets. As a former Harris County prosecutor and with years of successful defense experience regarding drug-related charges, if you have been charged with a drug related offense in the Houston area, do not hesitate to contact me for effective legal representation.

Why is James Guinan an Effective Criminal Drug Lawyer?

In crafting your defense, I consider why you were arrested, how you were arrested, your criminal history, and the specific evidence that may be used against you. Marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, barbiturates, stimulants, hallucinogens, and prescription drug charges are each defined by different laws and each have different penalties. My successful defense work regarding drug-related charges includes advising clients during questioning, negotiating plea agreements, representing clients in hearings and courtroom trials, securing expert witness testimony, and investigating potential errors made by the prosecution and police. 

Questions About Drug Related Charges?

If you or your loved ones have been charged with, or have questions regarding, any of the following, contact me immediately.

Drug Possession

Drug Possession with Intent to Sell or Distribute

Drug Trafficking

Drug Manufacture or Cultivation

Drug Conspiracy

Federal Drug Charges

Gang-Related Drug Offenses

Prescription Fraud

Drug Paraphernalia

Get Expert Legal Representation For Drug Charges Today

An experienced criminal defense attorney can be your single best asset when your freedom is threatened by these and other charges. I am prepared to help you understand what these charges mean and how I can defend you against them. Contact me to learn how I can begin immediately fighting for you and your rights.


Facing sexual assault or rape charges can be personally embarrassing, professionally harmful, and legally complicated. Given the especially sensitive nature of sex crime charges, I treat clients with respect and fight vigorously to defend their cases. When you entrust your freedom and your future to me, I use every resource to provide you with the best legal advice available. Since the punishment for sex crimes can include lengthy prison sentences, huge fines, loss of rights, and registration as a sex offender for life, I understand the stakes for you are very high.

An experienced defense attorney is paramount when fighting criminal charges of a sexual nature. Many alleged sexual assault crimes include drugs and alcohol, unreliable witnesses, and other circumstances that are important for a criminal defense attorney to investigate. Some allegations may be exaggerated or simply untrue. You need a lawyer who has years of experience separating fact from fiction. You need a lawyer you can trust.

Sexual Assault Allegations

As both a prosecutor and defense attorney, I have worked on cases involving many sexual crimes.

Types of Sexual Assault Charges I Handle Regularly:


Date Rape

Statutory Rape

Aggravated Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault of a Child

Indecency with a Child

Indecent Exposure

Get Expert Legal Representation For Sexual Assault Charges

The events surrounding your arrest and any statements made to authorities can either help or hurt your case, so contacting a defense attorney as soon as possible gives you the best chance to maintain your rights. Contact me today.


Assault and battery charges are among the most common criminal complaints in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Collin and Denton Counties, but they are serious charges nonetheless. Because the circumstances of a case can include whether the action was physical or threatened, against a loved one or stranger, in a home or public space, with or without the use of a deadly weapon, intentionally or by accident, you need a criminal defense attorney who can explain the varying forms of punishments you might face and provide the best defense available to you. I take great pains to investigate what you are accused of, what evidence may be used against you, and any inconsistencies that may aid our case.

If you are found guilty of having committed an assault, battery, or domestic violence, you face extended incarceration, probation, mandatory classes or community service, fines, the loss of rights, and a permanent record. With the help of a dedicated attorney who can expertly defend your rights and freedom, you may not suffer any of these.

Assault & Domestic Violence Allegations

I take on cases in criminal defense regarding the following crimes:



Domestic Violence Assault

Injury to a Child

Child Abandonment 

Aggravated Assault

Assault with a Deadly Weapon



Get Legal Representation For Assault Charges Today

If you have been accused of or charged with an assault, battery, or other violent crime, contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. From the moment I become your lawyer, I make every legal resource available to you, including my 28 years of experience with Texas law and the North Texas court systems. Contact me today.

DWI/DUI - Driving While Intoxicated

If you have been charged with a DWI or DUI in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, do not hesitate to contact James Guinan today for effective legal representation.

Anyone charged with a DWI in  Dallas/Fort Worth area faces serious criminal and administrative consequences under the law. Because Texas calls for harsh punishments for even first-time offenders, you need an attorney who is eager to fight for your freedoms. Even though local and state laws are designed to hold drunk drivers responsible for their actions, experienced defense attorneys know how to successfully fight these charges.

DWI laws are complex, change regularly, and can include wide-ranging penalties, including jail time, license suspension, probation, and enormous insurance rates. You need professional representation. With my years of experience as a successful DWI defense attorney in Dallas/Fort Worth area and Collin and Denton Counties, I carefully consider the facts and circumstances of your case in order to mount the best possible defense. Were mistakes were made during your initial stop, in the administration of your field sobriety test, while you were questioned, and after your arrest?

Questions About Your DWI Charges?

If you or your loved ones have been charged with, or have questions regarding, any of the following, contact me immediately.

First-Time Offender DWI

Repeat Offender DWI

Felony DWI

Aggravated DWI

DWI with Child Passenger

Intoxication Assault

Intoxication Manslaughter

Public Intoxication

Boating While Intoxicated

Texas DWI Defined

In Texas, driving while intoxicated (DWI) means drunk driving, and the state uses your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to determine whether you're too intoxicated to operate a motor vehicle.

Texas BAC limits:

21 years old or older: 0.08%

Commercial drivers: 0.04%

Younger than 21 years old: Any detectable amount

Get Expert DWI/DUI Legal Representation Today

Although a charge of driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence can seem legally and personally devastating, you are best served by securing expert representation as soon as possible. Do not ignore your DWI charges or wait to contact me. Trust me to help you understand your charges and preserve your rights. If you are looking for an effective DWI defense attorney in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you have come to the right place.


It is critical to partner with the best criminal defense attorney if you or someone you love is being investigated for or charged with fraud. Even if you suspect you are under investigation, appropriate and sound legal advice may mean the difference between liberty and incarceration. Fraud cases are often complicated, requiring a specialized understanding of statutes and case law, contracts, and financial documents. James Guinan's approach is to comprehensively investigate all of the relevant evidence concerning the case against you and to build a solid defense based on his years of experience.

The penalties for a fraud conviction range from community service to imprisonment and hefty fines. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or felony fraud charge, you need a lawyer with extensive legal knowledge and courtroom experience. 

Fraud Allegations and Charges that James Defends Includes:


Bank Fraud

Check Fraud

Credit Card Fraud


Health Care/Medicare/Medicaid Fraud

Identity Theft

Internet Fraud

Insurance Fraud

Mail Fraud

Mortgage Fraud

Securities Fraud

Social Security Card Fraud

Telemarketing Fraud

Wire Fraud

Begin Your Legal Defense Against Fraud Charges Today

If you have been accused of or charged with fraud, get in contact with a fraud defense attorney immediately. From the moment James Guinan becomes your lawyer, he makes every legal resource available to you, including his 28 years of experience with Texas law and the Dallas County court system. Contact James Guinan today.


If you have been charged with a federal crime in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, contact James Guinan today for a criminal defense attorney who will protect your rights.

With its different judges, laws, and rules of procedure, the federal court system is significantly different than municipal or state courts, and it requires a different kind of defense. For more than two decades, I have provided exactly this kind of assistance to my clients by successfully defending them against federal fraud, drug, and immigration charges. As a former prosecutor, I know how to navigate the complexities of federal law and federal courts in order to provide you with experienced legal advice.

Federal investigations are handled by a complicated web of agencies and investigating authorities, and federal prosecutors treat those charged with crimes very differently than local prosecutors might. My expertise in federal sentencing guidelines, mandatory minimum sentencing laws, federal defense strategies, and my past work with individuals, corporations, and other legal entities allows me to establish your very best defense against serious and threatening federal charges.

Federal Crime Allegations

From an arrest to the investigation, from written motions to a prolonged court trial, I will guide you through every step of the federal crime process and work fearlessly to defend your innocence regarding any of the following federal crimes:

White-collar crimes

Healthcare Fraud

Mortgage Fraud

Tax Fraud

Drug Trafficking

Immigration Offenses

Other Federal Crimes

Since federal charges often carry far more significant penalties than state or local charges, you should find a committed and fearless federal defense attorney who can work for you immediately. I am ready to begin securing your rights today.

Read more about what experience and knowledge I will offer as your Dallas criminal attorney.

EXPUNGMENTS - Your Criminal Or Public Arrest Record 

Do you have a criminal record that is interfering with your ability to get employment, a loan or a home? Are you even fully aware of what is on your criminal record? Would your life be improved if you had the opportunity to take advantage of eliminating your criminal record with an expungement or order of nondisclosure? 

At the law office of James Guinan, located in Dallas, Texas, we can help you find out what is on your criminal record and explore your options. Many of our clients are shocked to discover that even if they were only arrested or charged with a crime, without a conviction, they may still have that arrest or charge on their record, sometimes decades after the incident.