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Family Violence Assault

Assault and battery charges are among the most common criminal complaints in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Collin and Denton Counties, but they are serious charges nonetheless. Because the circumstances of a case can include whether the action was physical or threatened, against a loved one or stranger, in a home or public space, with or without the use of a deadly weapon, intentionally or by accident, you need a criminal defense attorney who can explain the varying forms of punishments you might face and provide the best defense available to you. I take great pains to investigate what you are accused of, what evidence may be used against you, and any inconsistencies that may aid our case.

If you are found guilty of having committed an assault, battery, or domestic violence, you face extended incarceration, probation, mandatory classes or community service, fines, the loss of rights, and a permanent record. With the help of a dedicated attorney who can expertly defend your rights and freedom, you may not suffer any of these.

Assault & Domestic Violence Allegations

I take on cases in criminal defense regarding the following crimes:



Domestic Violence Assault

Injury to a Child

Child Abandonment 

Aggravated Assault

Assault with a Deadly Weapon



Get Legal Representation For Assault Charges Today

If you have been accused of or charged with an assault, battery, or other violent crime, contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. From the moment I become your lawyer, I make every legal resource available to you, including my 28 years of experience with Texas law and the North Texas court systems. Contact me today.



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