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Theft & Fraud

It is critical to partner with the best criminal defense attorney if you or someone you love is being investigated for or charged with fraud. Even if you suspect you are under investigation, appropriate and sound legal advice may mean the difference between liberty and incarceration. Fraud cases are often complicated, requiring a specialized understanding of statutes and case law, contracts, and financial documents. James Guinan's approach is to comprehensively investigate all of the relevant evidence concerning the case against you and to build a solid defense based on his years of experience.

The penalties for a fraud conviction range from community service to imprisonment and hefty fines. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or felony fraud charge, you need a lawyer with extensive legal knowledge and courtroom experience. 

Fraud Allegations and Charges that James Defends Includes:


Bank Fraud

Check Fraud

Credit Card Fraud


Health Care/Medicare/Medicaid Fraud

Identity Theft

Internet Fraud

Insurance Fraud

Mail Fraud

Mortgage Fraud

Securities Fraud

Social Security Card Fraud

Telemarketing Fraud

Wire Fraud

Begin Your Legal Defense Against Fraud Charges Today

If you have been accused of or charged with fraud, get in contact with a fraud defense attorney immediately. From the moment James Guinan becomes your lawyer, he makes every legal resource available to you, including his 28 years of experience with Texas law and the Dallas County court system. Contact James Guinan today.



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